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By Krzysztof & Parada, George Mucha

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As before, allowance must be made for the probability that a molecule is _in the reflecting position, 1 1 which in this case is proportional to (n · v ) . The factor (Ιπϋ)- in Eq. 75) is not required since the intensity transform has already been averaged with respect to φ. La . For small and medium angles of diffraction L s ~ 1 and has often been neglected. (iii) Mixed Streaks and Arcs. In many patterns the inner region contains arcs due to lattice reflections while the outer portions consist of continuous layer-line distributions.

Otherwise «/B can be approxi­ mated, except in the immediate vicinity of the meridian, by taking traces at right angles to the layer-line streak and multiplying the area beneath the trace by dojdR, where 0 is the distance along the layer line. If a>, ^ , and 0 are expressed in millimeters, the result will be in (optical 2 -1 density) X (area in mm ) per A . In the vicinity of the meridian the effect of disorientation is to spread the intersection of the circle (R, l/c) with the sphere of reflection into an arc which makes an acute angle with the layer line of a perfectly aligned specimen.

76) n k 54 1. X-RAY DIFFRACTION where the term δ(1/λ)/2ττ has been omitted. )^ and this approximation has frequently been used. FIG. 20. 77) Under certain conditions the use of crystal monochromators can affect the value of Ρ that should be used (Witz, 1969). It is tacitly assumed in Eq. 74) that all the reciprocal lattice points that lie on the circle ( R 9 Ijc) have the same value of | F |, but this is not 2 always true. In these cases Eq. 74) yields the mean value of | F | for the set of reciprocal lattice points.

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