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By B. Chnoupek, R. Pynsent, K. Brusak

A Breaking of Seals is the tale of a quest - the search to find some of the most striking and least remembered occasions of the second one international warfare. This was once the participation within the Slovak rebellion of 1944 of the French infantrymen who escaped from prisoner-of-war camps in Germany, Hungary and Slovakia. less than the management of Captain Georges de Lannurien, they shaped a Detachement francais de warring parties de l. a. Tschecoslovaquie which fought beside the Slovak military through the rebellion and which later stood aspect by means of aspect with Slovak partisans as a part of the Stefanik Brigade.

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You there, louder! ' The morning seemed endless, and the sun blazed down. They were streaming with sweat, their drenched shirts sticking to their backs. So this was life with the partisans! Hruska was tireless. 'Come on, you buggers! So you want to be fucking partisans? You, there, stop talk­ ing! Take cover! On your feet! You, there, the new one—here, at the double! ' 'See those trees over there? On the right? ' 'Report to them! You'll work with them! ' The civilians turned out to be the Frenchmen, who'd been allocated a stretch of mountain forest as Velichko had ordered.

Just the way they held their axes was bad enough—if they didn't look out, they'd have their feet off in no time. Milo couldn't bear it a moment longer. He motioned them out of the way, spat on his hands and started his axe swinging. The chips flew steadily. He showed them how to notch the trunk to drop it where required. The first tree fell, then another. 'Bravo', he suddenly heard. It was the French commander, going on to say more. 'Don't understand you, mate', mumbled Milo—then he noticed that the Frenchman was holding out one of his maps.

After that there was work aplenty. They were ordered to comb the area and search for parachutes and material air-dropped by the Soviets. Milo went with the Frenchmen. They toiled up and down sheer hillsides, through undergrowth and thick woods, over boulders and ravines. They came back scratched, exhausted, soaked in sweat and the water of mountain streams, but happy with the precious burden they brought back to camp. When night fell they went out to light signal fires as markers for the squad of parachutists due to drop that night.

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