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By Walter S. Brainerd

A primary sensible consultant to Fortran ninety by means of individuals of the X3J3 Committee. this can be a instructional on Fortran ninety for programmers and engineers and scientists who paintings with Fortran seventy seven and want to benefit the seriously revised criteria supplied for in Fortran ninety. coated during this advisor to programming languages are easy rules, uncomplicated programming routines, a number of examples and difficulties. Written by way of 4 senior contributors of the ANSI Fortran criteria Committee X3J3, this booklet serves as a short resource of knowledge for working towards execs.

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The USE statement can overcome this problem by allowing the specification of a different local name for data accessed from a module. For example, USE globals, r=>a, s=>b Here, r and s are used to refer to the module data items a and b, and so a and b can be used for something completely different within the program unit. The => symbols link the local name with the module name. There is also a form of the USE statement which limits access to certain items within the module. This requires the qualifier ONLY followed by a colon and an only-list.

An array section can be used in the same way as an array, but it is not possible to reference the individual elements belonging to the section directly. Array sections can be extracted using either: • A simple subscript. • A subscript triplet. • A vector subscript. 1 Simple Subscripts A simple subscript extracts a single array element. 2 Subscript Triplets The form of a subscript triplet is: [lower bound]:[upper bound][:stride] If either the lower bound or upper bound is omitted, then the bound of the array from which the array section is extracted is assumed, and if stride is omitted the default stride=1 is used.

For example, consider the following external subprogram with assumed shape arrays ra, rb and rc (note that the shapes given are relevant only to this example): SUBROUTINE sub(ra,rb,rc) IMPLICIT NONE REAL, DIMENSION(:,:), INTENT(IN) :: ra ! Shape (10, 10) REAL, DIMENSION(:,:), INTENT(IN) :: rb ! Shape (5, 5) ! = REAL, DIMENSION(1:5,1:5) :: rb REAL, DIMENSION(0:,2:), INTENT(OUT) :: rc ! Shape (5, 5) ! = REAL, DIMENSION (0:4,2:6) :: rc . . END SUBROUTINE sub The calling program might include: REAL, DIMENSION (0:9,10) :: ra !

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