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South African coal beds, unlike Australia, are not methane intense. So the majority of methane project opportunities exist within municipal landfill and a limited number from agriculture and meat production. The majority of current CDM projects in South Africa are Nitrous Oxide, which have set a precedent through two approved methodologies which can be 20 Nigel Beck and John Luiz drawn upon, thereby expediting the registration of such projects. However, the majority of these projects have been implemented and the proverbial ‗low hanging fruits‘ picked with limited additional potential.

2000), Li (2002), Reddy and Ranjan (2003), Wang et al. (2003), PastorBarcenas et al. (2005), Salazar-Ruiz et al. (2008), Chowdhury et al. (2010) Spatial Interpolation Techniques for Environmental Data: Theory to Practice 39 B. Thiessen Polygons Thiessen Polygons, also referred to as Dirichlet tessellations or Voronoi diagrams, are an exact method of interpolation that define the individual ― regions of influence‖ around each set of points such that any location within a particular polygon is nearer to that polygon‘s point than to any other point and, therefore, have the same value.

Section 7 gives a brief summary of the chapter and finally, Section 8 presents conclusions from the chapter. 2. CLASSIFICATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL DATA One of the most tedious steps in processing environmental data has been to input the data into a computer system capable of processing spatial data. Today, this is changing fast as the availability of the data is increasing. In addition, data input processes are becoming more advanced. The quality of the output also heavily depends on data pre-processing.

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