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By L. Sokoloff (auth.), F. Gonzalez-Lima, Th. Finkenstädt, H. Scheich (eds.)

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D--T15--T2D--T25--T3D-~35 ARTERIAL PLASMA GLUCOSE CONCENTRATION {mM) Figure 4. Values for the lumped constant at various levels of arterial plasma glucose concentration from hypoglycemia to hyperglycemia in the rat. , 1990; . , 1990). , 1990. 3 EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURE. The experimental procedure of the DG method was designed to take the above considerations into account. Animals are prepared by catheterization of an artery or vein under light halothane anesthesia with or without supplementation with 70% N20.

K; and k; are influenced by both blood flow and transport of p4C]DG across the blood-brain barrier. Also, because of the competition for the transport carrier, the glucose concentrations in the plasma and tissue affect the transport of P4C]DG and, therefore, also K7 and k;. , 1988). The rate constants can, therefore, be expected to vary from structure to structure and from condition to condition. The experimental procedure was designed to minimize errors arising from differences and fluctuations in the values of the rate constants.

L4C]Leucine release from labeled protein is assumed to be negligible during the experimental procedure because of the slow average turnover rate of brain protein. C; represents total 14C concentration in a homogeneous tissue i of brain. AI - ~ and a l - an are constants composed of various combinations of the rate constants KI - k lO , and A; is a combination of the rate constants that equals the ratio of the precursor pool distribution space for labeled leucine to that of unlabeled leucine in tissue i.

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