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By Manuel Clavel, Francisco Durán, Steven Eker, Patrick Lincoln, Narciso Martí-Oliet, José Meseguer, Carolyn Talcott

This e-book offers a finished account of Maude, a language and approach according to rewriting common sense. Many examples are used through the publication to demonstrate the most principles and contours of Maude, and its many attainable makes use of. Maude modules are rewrite theories. Computation with such modules is - cient deduction via rewriting. as a result of its logical foundation and its preliminary version semantics,aMaudemodulede?nesaprecisemathematicalmodel.Thismeans that Maude and its formal device atmosphere can be utilized in 3, collectively reinforcing methods: • as a declarative programming language; • as an executable formal speci?cation language; and • as a proper veri?cation process. Maude’s rewriting common sense is straightforward, but very expressive. this offers Maude reliable representational features as a semantic framework to officially characterize quite a lot of platforms, together with types of concurrency, allotted al- rithms, community protocols, semantics of programming languages, and types of mobile biology. Rewriting good judgment can be an expressive common logic,making Maude a ?exible logical framework within which many di?erent logics and - ference platforms should be represented and mechanized. This makes Maude an invaluable metatool to construct many different instruments, together with these in its personal formal device surroundings. due to the logic’s simplicity and using complicated semi-compilation suggestions, Maude has a high-performance implementation, making it aggressive with different declarative programming languages.

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5). In addition, since such formal tools often manipulate and transform not only formulas but also theories, Maude’s reflective capabilities, which allow manipulating theories as data, become enormously useful. 3 and Chapter 21 explain and illustrate with examples how Maude can be used in this way as a metatool to build many other tools for Maude itself and for many other logics. 6. Reflection and the existence of initial models (and therefore of induction principles for such models) have one further important consequence, namely, that rewriting logic has also good properties as a metalogical framework.

The directory containing the executable, and 3. the current directory. maude in the MAUDE_LIB environment variable to be sure that it will always be found, because the executable finding code may not find the directory containing the executable. maude we find a module STRING that declares sorts and operations for manipulating strings. In particular, STRING introduces the operation _+_ to concatenate two strings. Then, to concatenate the strings “hello”, “ ”, and “world”, you can type at the Maude prompt the following red (which is the abbreviated form of reduce) request: Maude> red in STRING : "hello" + " " + "world" .

From a programming point of view, a system module is a declarativestyle concurrent program with user-definable syntax. 9) with initial model semantics. Again, each system module has a name, which is a Maude identifier. And as for functional modules, the preferred style is an all capitalized name, with consecutive parts linked with hyphens in the case of compound names. For example, a module specifying the behavior of a vending machine may be called VENDING-MACHINE. It will then be introduced with the following top-level syntax: mod VENDING-MACHINE is ...

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