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By Eric T. DeWeaver, Cecilia M. Bitz, L.-Bruno Tremblay

Published through the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Geophysical Monograph Series.

This quantity addresses the swift decline of Arctic sea ice, putting contemporary sea ice decline within the context of earlier observations, weather version simulations and projections, and easy types of the weather sensitivity of sea ice. Highlights of the paintings offered the following comprise

  • An appraisal of the function performed through wind forcing in using the decline;
  • A reconstruction of Arctic sea ice stipulations sooner than human observations, according to proxy facts from sediments;
  • A modeling strategy for assessing the influence of sea ice decline on polar bears, used as enter to the U.S. Fish and natural world Service's selection to record the polar undergo as a threatened species below the Endangered Species Act;
  • Contrasting experiences at the life of a "tipping point," past which Arctic sea ice decline turns into (or has already turn into) irreversible, together with an exam of the function of the small ice cap instability in international warming simulations;
  • A major summertime atmospheric reaction to sea ice aid in an atmospheric common flow version, suggesting a good suggestions and the potential of non permanent weather prediction.

The booklet might be of curiosity to researchers trying to comprehend the new habit of Arctic sea ice, version projections of destiny sea ice loss, and the implications of sea ice loss for the normal and human platforms of the Arctic.


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Guiot and de Vernal, 2007]. , equations) between the dinocyst distribution and hydrographical parameters leading to hazardous extrapolations. We choose to apply the modern analogue technique (MAT) that is simply based on the comparison of past assemblages to modern ones in the reference database using a dissimilarity index. A detailed description of the MAT approach is given by Guiot and de Vernal [2007]. Details on the procedures used for sea ice reconstructions based on dinocyst assemblages are presented by de Vernal et al.

Details on the data treatments are reported elsewhere [Radi and de Vernal, 2008]. 34 Reconstructing Sea Ice Conditions in the Arctic Figure 4. Spatial distribution of the residuals (observed minus estimated sea ice cover). The solid line and the dashed line correspond to the modern mean winter sea ice cover limit and the extreme sea ice limit, respectively. document the natural variability and trends in sea ice cover extent beyond the mid-1900s. The variability of sea ice over the last centuries is difficult to document from sediment cores because it requires particularly high sediment accumulation rates to achieve a suitable resolution in time.

Drobot, S. Gearheard, M. Holland, J. Maslanik, W. Meier, and T. Scambos (2008), Arctic sea ice extent plummets in 2007, Eos Trans. 1029/ 2008EO020001. Thompson, D. W. , and J. M. Wallace (2000), Annular modes in the extratropical circulation. Part I: Month-to month variability, J. , 13, 1000–1026. , M. Honda, H. Nakamura, Y. Tachibana, D. J. Cavalieri, C. L. Parkinson, H. Koide, and K. Yamamoto (2007), Northern Hemisphere sea ice variability: Lag structure and its implications, Tellus, Ser. x. Walsh, J.

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