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The besieged, beholding from the town the slaughter and flight of their countrymen, despairing of safety, lead back their troops from the fortifications. A flight of the Gauls from their camp immediately ensues on hearing of this disaster, and had not the soldiers been wearied by sending frequent reinforcements, and the labour of the entire day, all the enemy’s forces could have been destroyed. A. S. Bohn) Lionel Noël Royer, Vercingetorix Throws Down his Arms at the Feet of Julius Caesar, 1899.

The Persians were to his rear. There was yet time to escape. To Leonidas and his Spartans desertion of the position they had been detailed to defend meant dishonour. The Spartan king with his brave 300, with some 700 Thespians and a handful of Thebans, stood to their ground. For a time it seems as though nothing can stand before them, but the sun is setting now, and in the dust and grime of battle one after another the heroes of the little band are falling. Too superb to surrender, but daring and defiant to the last they sell their storied lives, and only when the life-blood of the last is drained is Thermopylae won.

The action now became general. The Romans attempted in vain to break the centre of their enemy’s line, where the Gauls and Spaniards were stationed. Hannibal, observing this, ordered part of those troops to give way, and allow the Romans to advance till they were surrounded; chosen body of Africans then fell upon their flanks, and as they could make no effectual resistance, they were cut down. Varro made a desperate effort to remedy his fatal error; but the Africans, who were fresh and vigourous, easily maintained their advantage over his wearied soldiers.

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