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By A. J. Freemont MD, FRCP(E), MRCPath, J. Denton MSc (auth.)

Like all really expert components of drugs, that of joint affliction informative. The suggestions, useful and interpretive, has turn into surrounded via a realistic mystique and are hugely reproducible and straightforward, permitting them to be utilized in any laboratory. jargon particular to itself. The variety of clinicians operating even though we see this quantity as being of price to all within the box is big however the variety of pathologists small. drawn to joint ailment it truly is particularly aimed toward It follows that almost all of pathologists are at a bit of laboratory employees wishing to provide a synovial fluid analytical of a right away drawback while discussing and ana­ carrier. Like so much cytology we think a lot of the cellphone lysing articular issues of their rheumatological and and non-cell identity and quantitation can, and orthopaedic colleagues. may still, be undertaken by means of proficient technical employees. The ebook within the particular sector of synovial fluid exam the is as a result aimed basically at teams: pathologists problems for the pathologist are compounded simply because who don't focus on joint ailment and technical employees so far there were no simple texts that aspect the who might be producing the knowledge on which interpretation tools, findings and interpretation of the macroscopic may be established. it really is for this reason either a textual content ebook and a bench and microscopic features of the fluid within the universal reference handbook. arthropathies. during this booklet we are hoping to move a way we don't think our information or method symbolize in the direction of rectifying this omission.

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The crystal has a characteristic shape in Nomarski phase optics (right). 7,14 A crystal of calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate (left). orientated in the same direction as the monosodium urate crystal in Fig. 8, is blue rather than yellow and the colouring is of low intensity. The crystal is weakly, negatively birefringent. Only if rotated through 90° does it take on a yellow colour (right). x 2500 Fig. 15 Intracellular crystal of calcium pyrophosphate seen by 'pseudophase' (left) and polarizing (right) microscopy.

211. 807-809 15. Freemont. A. , Porter, M. L.. Tomlinson. I.. Clague. R. B. and Jayson. M. I. V. (1984). Starch arthritis. J. Clin. Pathol.. 37. 990992 54 THE WET PREP' EXAMINATION AND INTERPRETATION. 3. OTHER PARTICLES .. I Fig. 37 Small rice body seen in 'pseudophase' light. Erythrocytes are also present in the figure for size comparison . 8,38 The same rice body viewed between crossed polarizers. The neat woven pattern of the surface fibres is clearly seen. 39 A 'skein' of fibrin from an inflammatory arthropathy viewed between crossed polarizers.

II. Intracytoplasmic particulate complexes in rheumatoid synovial fluids. Ann. Intern. , 62, 281-284 10. Vaughan, J. , Barnett, E. and Sobel, M. V. (1968). Intracytoplasmic inclusions of immunoglobulins in rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases. , 11, 125-134 11. Barnhart, M. , Riddle, J. M. and Bluhm, G. B. (1967). Fibrin promotion and lysis in arthritic joints. Ann. Rheum. , 26, 206-218 12. MacSween, R. N. , Dalakos, T. , Jasani, M. , Boyle, J. A, Buchanan, W. W. and Goudie, R, B. (1968), A clinical-immunological study of serum and synovial fluid antinuclear factors in rheumatoid arthritis and other arthropathies.

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