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By Daniel M. Yellin

With the proliferation of machine languages and dialects, you will need to create instruments to assist within the building of source-to-source translators. by means of permitting clients to use software program (or info) written for one more approach, those instruments shape a big part within the quest for software program reusability. After discussing the theoretical and useful problems with characteristic grammar inversion, this publication demonstrates how the method can be utilized to construct source-to-source translators. this is often performed through first picking out a standard canonical shape during which to symbolize many of the resource languages after which writing characteristic grammars from each one resource to the canonical shape. by means of immediately inverting those characteristic grammars one obtains translators from the canonical shape again to every resource language and via composing the precise pairs of translators one obtains source-to-source translators. To end up the feasibility of the inversion method of source-to-source translation, it's been used to generate translators among the programming languages Pascal and C.

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