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[ 33 ] This material is copyright and is licensed for the sole use by ALESSANDRO CAROLLO on 18th December 2009 6393 south jamaica court, , englewood, , 80111 Hello Backbase! The catalog could serve as a description of books in a local library.

For example, you do not need to create XMLHttpRequest objects to submit a form. The framework will do this automatically for you if and when you tell it where the response should go. • There is an Eclipse IDE plugin available to help with the syntax of UI widgets. • The framework easily integrates with third-party widgets. The Backbase Explorer Let us first take a look at what the Backbase framework contains. On the Developer Network site of Backbase, there is a set of demos that you can view online or download for further inspection.

The Backbase Client Framework is running successfully. Let us look at the code: • • • The interesting part of the code is the event handler for the div element that contains the Click me text. The e:handler tag is part of the XML Execution Language (XEL), a custom markup language that is provided with the Backbase Client Framework, and that can be used as a replacement for JavaScript in many cases. The namespace that we need for using XEL is declared in the e:handler tag itself; it could also have been declared in the

or tags.

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