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By Jeff Crook

On a dismal spring evening, 9 weeks not on time, the MNS Indestructible, a category C Submersible Deepswimmer, departs Sancrist Isle with a workforce of twenty and a callous overlook for the inevitable.

Armed with top-secret units, a band of intrepid gnome explorers units out on a mythical trip to sub-navigate the continent of Ansalon and be sure why very huge rocks waft. notwithstanding the destiny of the realm doesn't hold within the stability, theirs definitely does.

This is their story--and the tale of a unmarried member of that ignoble staff: Conundrum, the heroic gnome featured in Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman's best-selling struggle of Souls trilogy.

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From his jaws sprouted a thick tangle of curly white beard. html dress. He wore a tan coverall buttoned up the back like a child’s pajamas, which was dark with seawater all the way up to his armpits. Over the right breast pocket was sewn the rock-and-pick symbol of the Geological Sciences Guild, but the blue background of the patch indicated that he was a marine geology specialist—a rare specialization for a mountain-dwelling race. Behind one large, sunburned ear protruded a pencil, another peeked from the curls of his beard, and a third was clamped firmly between his strong white teeth, giving him something of a snarling appearance.

The note read: To Sir Tanar Lobcrow, Knight of the Thorn, The object accompanying this letter is a communication device of great power. You are ordered to keep it near at hand, for I shall soon be contacting you through it. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to contact me until after such time as I have initiated contact with you. At that time, you will receive instruction as to its uses and powers. You are, however, granted permission to use it sparingly to power your own spells. I cannot stress enough that you are to use its magic sparingly, and only in the direst emergency.

I’m sure you understand. ” Professor Hap stepped forward and placed one hand on the commodore’s gold epauletted shoulder. ” Sir Grumdish said, trying not to appear intrigued. ” the commodore said, brightening to this new persuasive tack. ” The gnomish knight raised a shaggy eyebrow, tugging thoughtfully at his beard. ” “It seems inevitable,” Commodore Brigg answered. Chapter 3 The pounding on the door woke him from a black dream, one in which spirits crowded round him, touching him with fingers fine as spiderwebs, drawing the breath from his lungs until he didn’t even have the air to scream.

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