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By Nigel Findley

Now that Teldin Moore has escaped aboard a Spelljammer send, his concerns are at the back of him, I suggest, how can a guy be tracked around the tremendous distances of house? yet, anyone is particularly decided to discover him and his magic cloak, and they're going to kill a person who will get within the means. Teldin can basically give some thought to one workforce of people that could possibly inform him concerning the cloak, the traditional Arcane. yet, will he manage to remain alive lengthy sufficient to truly ask his questions?

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Its bow was rounded, reinforced by a metal ram. Metal lobes extended from the hull just aft of the ram, each with a circular port at its end, which reminded Teldin uncomfortably of an eye. Just aft of the lobes, vertical structures were visible on the hull, looking very much like the gill slits of some impossibly huge shark. The new ship was several hundred yards away, too distant for Teldin to make out any details of its crew, though he could see movement on deck. The vessel's blunt bow was pointed directly at the pirate wasp, and it was under speed.

They're a real sight, that I'll tell you. And in others... Well, I've heard this, but I've never seen it. They're great bowls of fire held aloft by huge statues of forgotten gods. At least, that's how the stories go" "And you... " "You mean gnomes? Certainly we do, though not very often," Horvath confirmed. "We trade, ferry passengers, but mostly just explore. " The navigator cleared his throat softly as he recalled his previous flight from Krynn. Horvath briefly related how a group of gnomes had made it into space decades earlier, only to be attacked by neogi and sent racing back to their home sphere and world.

Give me a minute. I'll tell you about the flow in good time. So, the crystal spheres are like glass floats. Each one contains a world, often more than one world, and everything in its solar system. Take Krynn-space: It contains Krynn itself, its primary—you call it the sun, but then everyone calls their primary 'the sun'—and all the other planets, Sirion, Reorx, Chislev, and Zivilyn. Other spheres contain other solar systems. " Horvath shot a quick glance at Teldin. " Teldin snorted his derision.

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