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By Colin McComb

Written for Dungeon Masters and avid gamers, this 192-page, full-color ebook comprises: * 20 separate pantheons detailing the powers worshipped by means of people, demihumans, and monsters (including the deities of the AD&D video game worlds). Zeus, Sung Chiang, Gruumsh, Takhisis - they're all right here, according to chant from Legends & Lore, the DEITIES & DEMIGODS ebook, Monster Mythology, and AD&D video game global resources. * New rules and ideas for priest characters at the planes. * pointers on developing, vacationing, and surviving divine nation-states. * a glance at powers favorite via factions and planewalkers. * accomplished appendices directory gods through pantheon and portfolio. * Full-color maps of nation-states excellent and infernal.

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The marilith is capable of climbing up the mine shafts and slithering through the short tunnels that connect them. ) While she is burrowing, the ground trembles and dirt and rocks rain down from the ceilings of the mine tunnels, and a rumbling growl fills the mine. PCs should be led to believe that death is imminent-that the beast is an unstoppable monster that will pursue them without pause. But although the marilith will chase the PCs for a short time, it will ultimately reach the limits of its confinement in the mine’s narrow tunnels, and Baltoi (True Tanar’ri-Marilith): Genius ( 18); AL CE; AC -9; MV 15; HD 24; THACO 9; #AT 7 ; Dmg 4-24 (tail) and 6 by weapon; SA +2 or better weapon to hit, never surprised, spell immunity; MR 70%;S Z H (20’ long); ML far 2 (18);XP 45,000.

Experimenting on his own, using what little knowledge he had been able to obtain by spying on Victor, Adam at last discovered a way to create his own flesh golems. But Adam’s skill was a pale reflection of the arts of Dr. Mordenheim, and the creatures Adam created were emotionless beings, capable of neither sorrow nor joy-hardly the sort of companions he craved. Further, they had minds of their own. While some were in fact loyal to him, most wandered away to pursue their own destinies. Scorned by humankind, these flesh golems eventually came together to form their own society.

And a variety of earthenjars, vessels, and containers 1 Adam’s Children call this the “second tower” ecause it is a reconstruction of the tower that Adam destroyed three years ago. At the center of each floor of the tower is a small, circular hole. Originally a bell rope passed from the tower to the ground floor through these holes. The Children have only recently recovered the bell that used to hang in the uppermost room of the tower (Room #2d), from the gorge. The huge brass bell now sits on the top floor of the tower, its dents have been hammered out and it is ready to be hung in its original position.

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