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By Jenna Helland

Welcome to the Jungle!

Tethyrian colonists despatched to the jungle island of Chult have vanished and in simple terms their celebrated chief has back. the tale he tells of affliction and monsters jewelry fake to his enemies--a former mutineer is distributed to find what particularly occurred to the misplaced Colony, and what the Hero of Tethyr is hiding.

the 1st e-book in a sequence designed to exhibit the uncivilized components that iconic to the Dungeons & Dragons(R) video game, The Fanged Crown is a simple method for unusual readers to select up the Forgotten Realms(R). With lots of motion, intrigue, and experience, this is a booklet that might attract new readers and everyday readers alike. The Fanged Crown and the remainder of the Wilds sequence can be learn in any order.

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But the pair had not foreseen the extent of their overlord's anger. Upon discovering the theft, Ao had banished the gods to the Realms and stripped them of most of their power. He had forbidden his subjects to return to the Planes without the tablets in hand. The only deity spared this fate was Helm, God of Guardians, whom Ao charged with guarding the Celestial Stairways leading back to the Planes. Myrkul was now a mere shadow of what he had been before the banishment. But, relying upon the spirits of sacrificial victims for energy, he could still use his magic.

Cyric smiled as warmly as he could. "Be careful of what you swear," he warned. "I know what I'm doing," Dalzhel replied. He pulled his cloak over his shoulders and put his sword back into its scabbard. " Cyric nodded and watched Dalzhel go, wondering if his lieutenant knew that he might be standing against the gods themselves. The thief had no doubt that one or two of the gods, at least, would be chasing Midnight as soon as they learned she had the tablet. In following Midnight from Tantras, Cyric's original intention had been to seize her and the tablet when her ship docked in Ilipur.

He had made no attempt to hide his condition. In fact, he cherished his maladies and left his affliction exposed for all to see. This unusual attitude toward disease wasn't surprising, though, for the figure at the altar was Myrkul, God of Decay and Lord of the Dead. He was deep in concentration, telepathically spanning the continent to give his orders to Ogden's patrol. The effort was taxing on Myrkul's strength, and he had been forced to take the spirits of five faithful worshipers to give him the power he needed.

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