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By John Sandars

Старая серия популярного издательства о военной технике и истории воинских соединений.

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The cupola fitted on the 76mm T23 turret was something of an improvement and some liked it, although others reckoned its only advantage was to enable one to drive shut down when it was raining; one commander said that the only personal weapon needed in Italy was an umbrella. The exposed glassware was liable to catch the sun and reveal a tank's position, so was sometimes kept greased over. The British-type vision cupola, used on later Churchills and Comets, which was fitted to a few Shermans at 32 the end of the war, had the top windows of the episcopes better shielded.

39 Sandini 40 Sandini Sandini Sandini OSPREY • VANGUARD A series of books describing key units a n d weapons systems of 20th c e n t u r y warfare, p r e p a r e d by leading military experts for the enthusiast a n d modeller, a n d illustrating a u t h e n t i c details of a r m o u r a n d s u p p o r t i n g vehicles, camouflage, markings, uniforms, insignia a n d weapons. Avec annotations en francais sur les planches en couleur Mil Aufzeichnungen auf deutsch uber die Farbtafeln (3) (6) (8) (13) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24) (25) (26) (27) (28) US 1st Infantry Division 1939-45 The Lee/Grant T a n k s in British Service US 1st Marine Division 1941-45 The Churchill Tank The S h e r m a n Tank in British Service 1942-45 The P a n z e r k a m p f w a g e n III The Stuart Light Tank Series The P a n z e r k a m p f w a g e n IV A r m o u r of the Middle East Wars 1948-78 The Tiger Tanks The PzKpfw V Panther The Centurion Tank in Battle British T a n k s in N.

The Staffordshire Yeomanry did this after the Rhine crossing and were subsequently somewhat embarrassed when asked to tackle the Elbe. *** An 'unfrocked' DD with its flotation screens completely cut away. The metal prow has been bent down at the right front, probably to improve the field of fire of the 'lap' gun, but if so this has been largely negated by the stowage of ration boxes there. 34 Although these notes have been compiled from a fairly small, but not I hope unrepresentative sample of Sherman experience, it was noticeable how many of those interviewed said they had always had complete confidence in the Sherman as a tank, and how few drawbacks to it they were able to remember (a notable exception being the member of 51 R T R who had served briefly in them after a long period in Churchills).

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